Smartphone docking station



The smartphone docking station keeps your phone charged and ‘always on’. You can use your phone for satellite navigation, to access your playlists, or listen to your favourite radio stations by linking them all via Bluetooth directly to the audio system. (iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. / Google Maps is a trade-mark of Google Inc.).

Note: The smartphone holder has adjustable padded sides, which can hold smartphone devices with a maximum size of 145mm.

The following accessory includes:
(1) C8F77AC010 – Gender Assy-Micro USB is compatible with Samsung Galaxy (5,5”).
(2) C8F77AC020 – Gender Assy-Lightning is compatible with Apple iPhone 5, 5s and 5c (4,0“); 6 and 6s (4,7“).

Only for vehicles with preparation for portable navigation option.